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    MSF caps in the wild: Tita Llorens

    Margarita "Tita" Llorens sent this from her training waters in Spain's Balearic Islands. Translation of the quote at bottom: "Only those who...

    The Oceans Seven Effect

    How has the pursuit of the Oceans Seven increased demand for the constituent swims? Successful swims per...

    Emma Radford completes Derwent River Big Swim

    emma radford touches tasman bridge
    Chris Guesdon reported that Emma Radford successfully completed the Derwent River "Big Swim" today in a new course record of 7 hours,...

    New Documented Swim: Tracey Messinger – Around Bora Bora

    tracey messinger bora bora
    Tracey Messinger's 23.3 km swim around Bora Bora on October 14 has been published and ratified. Tracey's swim was observed and documented...

    Progression of major course records

    progress of major course records
    A new featured Insights page at LongSwimsDB shows the progression of course records for major solo marathon swims, including the English Channel,...

    New Documented Swim: Avishag Turek – Sea of Galilee two-way

    avishag turek galilee swim
    Avishag Turek's pioneering 41 km double crossing of the Sea of Galilee is now published and ratified. Avishag's swim was documented by...

    Jonathan Ratcliffe completes Oceans Seven

    jon ratcliffe dean summers cook strait
    Jonathan Ratcliffe of Great Britain completed a Cook Strait swim (North Island to South Island) today in 11:15, to become the 19th...

    MSF caps in the wild: Emma Radford

    Emma Radford and two friends enjoyed a session this past weekend in Andrew "Boy" Charlton pool in Sydney, Australia.

    Marathon Swimming Photo Calendar 2020

    msf 2020 photo calendar
    On sale now: the sixth annual Marathon Swimming Photo Calendar, featuring images from nine different countries. Congratulations to the winning photographers, who...

    New Documented Swim: Sarah Thomas – Blue Mesa Reservoir

    sarah thomas blue mesa reservoir
    A month before her historic four-way English Channel swim, Sarah Thomas completed an under-the-radar "training swim" in Colorado's Blue Mesa Reservoir. Observed by fellow...