New MSF Documented Swims (August 2020)

paul georgescu iron gates danube
Paul Georgescu in the Iron Gates Lake of the Danube River

by MSF Documented Swims coordinator Evan Morrison

I’m pleased to announce the publication of nine impressive new MSF Documented Swims (pending ratification). These include:

  • the first MSF Documented Swims from Germany and the Canadian province of Quebec
  • the first triple-tandem Round-Trip Angel Island swim
  • the third-ever swim of the full width of Santa Monica Bay in California

Well done to these swimmers, their support teams, and their observers/documenters!

01 Aug 2020Bogdan Cosmin ZurbagiuLake BicazRomaniaMirel Micu & Valentin Mocanu
13 Aug 2020Amy Gubser, Sarah Roberts, Kirk McKinneyRound-Trip Angel IslandCalifornia, USAEvan Morrison
13 Aug 2020Jari SalomaaRound-Trip Angel IslandCalifornia, USABrian Kiernan
15 Aug 2020Nicolas KnapTraversée L’Isle-aux-CoudresQuebec, CanadaP. Boisvert & N. Thibault
19 Aug 2020Cheryl Coletti-LawsonLake SunapeeNew Hampshire, USAAlyssa Langlais
28 Aug 2020Matthias KaßnerAround MüggelbergeGermanyIna Kaßner
31 Aug 2020Ned HastingsColumbia RiverWashington, USAJennifer Comfort
03 Sep 2020Abigail BergmanSanta Monica BayCalifornia, USADan Simonelli & Steve Chase