MSF announces 14 new Documented Swims (pending ratification)

documented swim pending ratification

from MSF co-founder and Documented Swims administrator Evan Morrison

The process for MSF Documented Swims will be a bit different this year, and going forward.

Documentation for each swim will be compiled and published on the MSF site with pending ratification status.

Documentation will be reviewed by committee of MSF Documented Swims “alumni” (swimmers or observers) in collaboration with the MSF core team. Once a swim has been reviewed, its status will change to ratified.

The following logos distinguish between these two statuses:

With that said, I’m delighted to announce the publication of 11 swims pending ratification:

30 Jan 2020Amber Baker & Michella ThomasAround Coronado IslandCalifornia, USADan Simonelli
01 Feb 2020Evan MorrisonRound-Trip Angel IslandCalifornia, USALisa Amorao
08 Feb 2020Qing Li & Louise Twining-WardKent to Ricketts (Banana Islands)Sierra LeoneSophie Bes
16 May 2020Robin Rasmussen RoseRound-Trip Angel IslandCalifornia, USAEvan Morrison
17 May 2020Jessi HarewiczAround Pasley IslandBritish Columbia, CanadaStewart Scott
01 Jul 2020Cheryl Coletti-LawsonNewfound LakeNew Hampshire, USAGuy Davis
09 Jul 2020Jessica KierasLake Billy ChinookOregon, USAM.L. Warhus & L. Smith
18 Jul 2020Bogdan Cosmin ZurbagiuVidraru LakeRomaniaCameliu Costache
19 Jul 2020Van CornwellTomales Bay, RT Hog IslandCalifornia, USAEvan Morrison
20 Jul 2020Scott ConnellyLake JamesNorth Carolina, USAJulie Connelly
10 Aug 2020Stephen RootLake TahoeCalif. / Nev., USAMark Lutzker