Galilee Marathon Swimming Association launches

sea of galilee
Sea of Galilee

Israeli marathon swimmers Guy Cohen and Eyal Schachner announced the formation of the Galilee Marathon Swimming Association, to support and record marathon swims in the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret).

GMSA will use the MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming and partner with the LongSwims database in maintaining historical swim results. Two recent Galilee swims were ratified as MSF Documented Swims:

GMSA Press Release

Galilee MSA unveils iconic swim location for marathon swimmers

The association provides the infrastructure to help swimmers challenge themselves in the unique, historical, natural and peaceful Sea of Galilee in accordance with Open Water Marathon Swimming international standards

The site

The Sea of Galilee is a natural and historical wonder. At minus 210 meters below sea level, It is the lowest freshwater lake in the world and the crossing point to the largest bird migration routes. Located at the “cradle of human culture” it is rooted in biblical history and is a natural source of freshwater for neighboring countries that embodies friendship and peace.

The swims

The full length of the lake is 20.5 km / 12.7 miles, between Capernaum (North) to Zemach (South) or vice versa.

Width crossing, 10 km between Tiberius and Ein-Gev, can also be arranged.

The swims can be arranged throughout most of the year except for summer months due to overheated water and air temperatures. Preferable swim months are October-December and April-June.

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