New Documented Swim: Michael Johmann, Meredith Schmitt, & Michael Jotautas – Ohio River (Louisville)

ohio river swim louisville

A 12.5 km triple-tandem swim in the Ohio River near Louisville, by Michael Johmann, Meredith Schmitt, and Mike Jotautas, is now published and ratified as a MSF Documented Swim.

They have big plans for this route, and the growing community of open water swimmers in Louisville:

The present swim represents the next step in the development of open water swimming in the state of Kentucky: a swim that could be recognized by MSF, which in turn could be presented to the state USMS committee as the basis for an annual event, properly supervised and conducted by the rules provided by MSF and used as a fundraiser for charitable projects such as Kentucky Adult Learn to Swim, recently featured as the cover story in Swimmer Magazine.