New Documented Swim: Krzysztof Gajewski – Masurian Lake District

krzysztof gajewski masurian lakes
Photo by Tomasz Madej

Krzysztof Gajewski’s 77.5km swim through the interconnected lakes and canals of Poland’s Masurian Lake District has been published and ratified as a MSF Documented Swim. This is the longest nonstop, unassisted lake swim in Europe we are aware of – slightly longer than Kevin Murphy and Attila Manyoki‘s 75.5km swims across the length of Lake Balaton in Hungary. Krzysztof’s nearly 32 hour journey was well documented by Leszek Naziemiec and Tomasz Madej, including a notably stunning set of photos.

Krzysztof originally planned to a swim a 170km round-trip route in an attempt to break Sarah Thomas’ 168km world distance record, set in Lake Champlain in 2017. Due to chilly water temps as low as 18C, Krzysztof ended the swim just shy of the halfway point, near the village of Suchy Róg.