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    Galilee Marathon Swimming Association launches

    sea of galilee
    Israeli marathon swimmers Guy Cohen and Eyal Schachner announced the formation of the Galilee Marathon Swimming Association, to support and record marathon...

    Rebecca Hollingsworth and Breanna Ward swim Lake Taupo

    breanna ward rebecca hollingsworth
    Rebecca Hollingsworth and Breanna Ward (both of New Zealand) completed a tandem swim of the 40.2 km length of Lake Taupo in...

    New Documented Swim: Michael Johmann, Meredith Schmitt, & Michael Jotautas –...

    ohio river swim louisville
    A 12.5 km triple-tandem swim in the Ohio River near Louisville, by Michael Johmann, Meredith Schmitt, and Mike Jotautas, is now published...

    New Documented Swim: Krzysztof Gajewski – Masurian Lake District

    krzysztof gajewski masurian lakes
    Krzysztof Gajewski's 77.5km swim through the interconnected lakes and canals of Poland's Masurian Lake District has been published and ratified as a...

    Jorge Crivilles Villanueva completes Oceans Seven

    jorge crivilles villanueva cook strait
    Jorge Crivilles Villanueva of Alicante, Spain completed a Cook Strait swim (North Island to South Island) today in 9:12 (unofficial time), to...

    Cold Half 2020 results

    edie hu cold half
    The Cold Half 15km in Hong Kong held its 8th edition today. Results have been posted to LongSwimsDB (non-wetsuit only).

    Royce Evans swims Lake Taupo

    royce evans taupo track
    According to the Taupo Tracker, Royce Evans of Wellington, New Zealand has completed the 40.2 km length of Lake Taupo in an...

    New Documented Swim: Ned Hastings – Priest Lake, Idaho

    ned hastings priest lake
    Ned Hastings' (a.k.a. "Baltic of Kaniksu") unprecedented 38km swim of the full length of Upper and Lower Priest Lake in Idaho is...

    “Swim the Channel” documentary now available

    dover training
    Swim the Channel is a one-hour documentary featured last July on BBC Four, which follows three English Channel aspirants in the 2014...

    Rules of the Wrigley Ocean Marathon (1927)

    wrigley catalina swim start
    Official rules of the Wrigley Ocean Marathon across the Catalina Channel in January 1927: Any of the following...